You can reach us at [email protected]
thanks to all the speakers, volunteers and participants for coming! It was greating meeting all of you and I think we all had an incredible time together :)

Go to the facebook page to stay up to date and see pictures/videos of the event.
The recording of the talks can be found on our youtube channel

Much love <3 and see you next...time ;)

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Learn from seasoned professionals in the industry

Artur Fast

/Wunderkind #1/

Bao Vu

/3D Character Artist @ Ninja Theory/

Chris Goodall

/Senior Animator @ Ninja Theory/

Daniel Lieske

/The Wormword Saga/

Johannes Figlhuber

/Airborn Studios, Ori and The Blind Forest/

Kemane Ba

/Wunderkind #2/

Lorenz Ruwwe


Marcel Schaika

/Lead Artist - Crytek/

Michel Kooper

/Lead Environment Artist - Foundry 42/

Miguel Iglesias

/Senior Concept Artist - Massive/

Pierre Benjamin

/3D Artist - Digital sculptor/

Simon Kopp

/Airborn Studios, Ori and The Blind Forest/

Simon Trumpler

/3D/VFX Artist - Rime, Sacred 2, x: Rebirth/

The mantissa

/Midge Sinnaeve - 3D/VFX Artist/



We have an art contest running during the event. The theme will be revealed on Friday during the opening ceremony. All entries will be judged on Sunday and the top 3 entries will win prizes!
Friday Saturday Sunday
Cinema room Room #2 Cinema room Room #2 Cinema room Room #2
Preparing the goodness Breakfast Breakfast
Check-out room (for people with DJH accommodation)
(you can keep luggage in the Cinema room)
Check-in conference open (all-day) Lecture 2D
Simon Kopp & Johannes Figlhuber
Preproduction - from briefing to sketch
Lecture VFX
Simon Trumpler
Thinking outside the box using textures
Portfolio review 3D
Marcel Schaika,
Michel Kooper
The Mantissa
Free Drawing space

Lecture 2D Miguel Iglesias
Creative challenges of the Division

Lecture 3D Chris Goodall
Combat Animation in Hellblade
Portfolio review 3D
Bao Vu,
Pierre Benjamin
Chris Goodall
Opening Ceremony + general info
Check-in room from 13:00 (for people with DJH accommodation)
Lunch Lunch
Art Contest entry hand-in by 14:00
Lecture 3D
Marcel Schaika
Art production of a Crysis 3 level
Live demo 2D
Kemane Ba
Language of the Subconscious
Live demo 2D
Daniel Lieske
Abstract Art
Live demo 3D
Bao Vu
Character creation for Unreal Engine 4
Portfolio review 2D Daniel Lieske, Miguel Iglesias
Kemane Ba, Artur fast
Portfolio review 2D
Simon kopp
Johannes Figlhuber
Lorenz ruwwe
Lecture 3D
Michel Kooper
Embracing the unknown.
Lessons learned from working on star citizen.
Live Demo 2d
Artur Fast
Art contest Judging & winners
Goodbye ceremonie
Lecture VFX
The Mantissa
Getting weird with The Mantissa
Live Demo 3D
Pierre Benjamin
Caricature and stylized character creation
Clean-up time
Live demo 2D
Lorenz Ruwwe
360 Painting
Lecture 2D
Getting into Shape
Dreieichstrasse 45, Frankfurt
Opening Party Saturday Party Dinner @ Proletariat
Dreieichstrasse 45, Frankfurt
Cinema room Room #2 Cinema room Room #2
Fireside talk Building your own IP
Fireside talk The hustle
VR Painting
hosted by MRM-Mccann
Open end...
Live demo 3D
Marcel Schaika
Getting Marvelous With Marcel
Live Demo 2D
Lorenz Ruwwe
Live model drawing/painting
with speakers
Live Demo 3D
Michel Kooper
substance painter
Good night and see you tomorrow! Good night and see you tomorrow!

Venue + Accommodation

DJH Jugendherberge
Deutschherrnufer 12
Frankfurt am Main

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How to get there?

The cheapest way is by using
flix-bus or blablacar to
frankfurt HBF (main station)

From there it is only a
short walk to the venue
view directions

2 - 4 hours 6 - 8 hours 1 hour +- 16 hours 2 - 3 hours Frankfurt Berlin Cologne Hamburg Hannover Munich Nuremberg Stuttgart Amsterdam Barcelona Belgrade Bern Bratislava Brussels Bucharest Budapest Chisinau Copenhagen Dublin Kiev Lisbon Ljubljana London Minsk Paris Praag Riga Rome Sarajevo Sofia Vienna Vilnius Warsaw Zagreb
What is the refund/cancellation policy?
  • If canceling your ticket 90 days or more prior to the event, we will refund 80% of the ticket value
  • If canceling your ticket 61 days or more prior to the event, we will refund 50% of the ticket value
  • If canceling your ticket 60 days or less prior to the event, we will not refund you.
I'm too late for a refund. Can I re-sell my ticket?

If unexpected circumstance arise and you have to cancel your participation after the refund deadline you are allowed to resell your ticket for the original price or lower and transfer it to another person.

We reserve the right to cancel any ticket purchase made by any person or body whom we reasonably believe to be associated with any ticket broker or is re-selling tickets for commercial gain.

You can find out how to transfer a ticket to another participant once it is sold further in this faq.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Tickets are personal but we know life happens so you can request a ticket transferral 1 time.

  • up to 15 days before the start of the event free of charge.
  • Less than 15 days before the start of the event we will charge 10% of the ticket value

You can request a ticket transfer by contacting us at info[at] The request must originate from the original buyers email and contain the new participants full name, age, address, zipcode, city and email.

What should I bring to the conference?

Some events will require, or give you the opportunity to actively participate in the activity so you will need something with which you can draw. We know this is a 'digital' art conference but there will also be events where the use of laptop might not be possible so be sure to bring some traditional gear with you.

Generally if you bring the following things you should be fine

  • A laptop that can run on battery for a few hours + drawing tablet
  • Sketchbook + pens/pencils/inks/...
  • An up to date portfolio (if you want your portfolio reviewed)
Will there be wi-fi during the conference?

At the moment No. The hostel does provide wi-fi for guests but it is not equipped to handle such large groups or our purposes. We are looking into other solutions but so far have found none that are realistic with our budget.

In what language will events be given?
Unless otherwise stated all events at the conference will be spoken in English.